Originals @ Comic-Con: Season 3 Video Reveals the Mikaelsons’ New Enemies


Something wicked this way comes. Actually, make that several somethings.

At the top of Friday’s San Diego Comic-Con panel for The Originals, moderated by yours truly, fans were treated to a five-minute sizzle reel recapping the Mikaelsons’ incredible journey thus far. But this is Comic-Con — you didn’t think it would pass without a look into the first family’s future, did you?

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Towards the end of the video (the 4:30 mark if you’re too impatient to wait), we’re made privy to a foreboding conversation between two sinister-seeming individuals, neither of whom appear to be particularly fond of Klaus and Co.

“When you asked to meet, I assumed you’d come to surrender,” a man — whose face we don’t see — says to an immaculately dressed woman.

The Originals Comic-Con“What if I told you the Originals are very…

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