FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Defends Status Quo, Rebuffs Attempts To Open Up Spectrum Auction


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler rejected calls from T-Mobile and others Thursday to expand the amount of wireless spectrum being reserved for small carriers in the upcoming wireless spectrum auction.

In a blog post, Wheeler held that the “current reserve size of 30 megahertz balances the desire to make low-band spectrum available to parties with limited holdings while facilitating competitive bidding for all auction participants.”

This announcement follows heavy lobbying from small carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and Dish for the commission to increase the amount of spectrum available to small carriers to at least 40 megahertz, in fears that AT&T and Verizon will be able to easily outbid them. Just this past week, Justice Department antitrust officials sent the FCC a letter urging them to give “considerable weight” to the request of smaller carriers.

This remains a pretty critical committee decision for a lot of the smaller carriers, something T-Mobile CEO…

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