2015 – The Year Money Dies.…♥♥♥…

Mission Galactic Freedom

2015 money dies

WoW… This is one heck-of-an Article by Lars von Thienen ..awesome in-depth details , pls check his website for more detail.. a Good info regarding Global Economic Collapse / GCR / RV

Follow Updates:

I have also included a VDO on  6 Steps in the Global Currency Reset 2015-16 By Kenneth Storey & The Network of Global Corporate Control By karen hudes

Commentary on Law in America http://www.3rddogscript.com/

~ Galactic human ~

money slave

Tipping points to the nightmare of deficit spending, devaluation and the end of paper wealth. Read with an open, critial and self-educated mind.

Follow Updates:

Part 1: Timeline & Headlines
November – December 2014:

1) German Banks Lower the Deposit Guarantee Scheme

2) Russia speeds up to Launch New Payments System
to Circumvent SWIFT Network

3) G20 announcement in Brisbane, Australia
“A new agenda for financial services”

4) Re-classification on how to rate gold reserves

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