Vote Machine Learning For President!


You have to hand it to American democracy. After many years of political back-and-forth, we have finally reached a consensus: government blows. Government can’t do anything, least of all build an HTML website with a form on it to collect health information.

It’s popular these days to trash policy and policymakers, and certainly the politicians who watch over them. In contrast to the heap of ineptitude that is Washington, Silicon Valley is instead an oasis of un-bureaucracy, a paragon of potential. If only we could get more of our technologies into government to just get shit done, all – literally all! – of our problems would be carried away like our laundry with Washio.

That’s why I am voting Mel! for President.

Mel!’s birth name was Machine Learning, but that didn’t test well with political focus groups because Americans apparently don’t like machines or learning. Government of the machines, by…

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