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I’ve got a lot of Canon gear, but only one L-series lens of my very own, and that’s also the only one that features a rubber gasket where the lens mounts to the body to keep out dust and moisture. It’s a shame that it isn’t included in any other lenses (including some pricey Sigma glass I own), because it’s a relatively inexpensive component and one that can really help prolong the life of your body and lens. That’s why a new Kickstarter project called Dust Donut is such a great idea.

The project, from Joshua Tree, Calif.-based photographer Tyler Sterbentz, adds basic weather sealing to any Canon EF Mount lens (including third-party offerings from Sigma, Tamron and the like) starting at just $20 for a single unit pre-order pledge. That covers about 75 percent of the lenses available from Canon itself for EF-mount bodies, according to Sterbentz, and gets…

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Looking back at 2012

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Happy New year everyone! On this first day of 2013 I would like to take a look back at 2012, both for us at MoM and for cars in general. Below are my general thoughts on the industry this past year, as well as my favorite cars I have driven this year, and of course a gallery of some of my favorite moments from 2012. Lets revisit this great year one more time before we set out into 2013…

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A Procrastinator’s Dream! A Pencil That Must Be Assembled Before Use

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Varacil trimmed

You have a term paper due tomorrow that’s not going to write itself, but you just can’t bring yourself to sit down and write it. You haveto clean off your desk first. You know, a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Once that’s done, you’ll be sure to start writing. But wait, a rerun of your favorite TV show is on. It’s only thirty minutes… how much work can you really get done in half an hour anyways? Alright, you’ve wasted enough time! You have to get serious or you’re going to land up pulling an all-nighter again. But dang, look at your pencil! It’s in pieces!Better assemble it first before you get down to taking notes, underlining things in your textbook, doodling on the pages, and then eventually writing that paper…

OK, now this one’s going to take a while…

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